Domain Renewed

Published on Monday, March 31st, 2014

So I decided to renew this domain.

I realise this blog is full of negativity hence I decided to hit that reset button and overhaul it.

All posts will be archived.

I’m still undecided whether to maintain a blog or just rid of it since I’m not really into updating it.

The site will definitely be up though.

The ‘dreadful’ care

Published on Monday, November 14th, 2011

There are times when we have to get to work and face everyone else in there. Colleagues, your boss and clients.

We sometimes look ahead to Monday and think “damn… I dread Monday. I’m going to face <insert who you dread most in the office here>.”

It’s some kind of fear or denial I don’t know. But I asked myself why should we dread a person? Do we fear them? It’s just work and office. If you hadn’t done anything wrong, you should be fine and not be bothered.

I gave it some thought.

It is less of whether we dread seeing the other, but more of whether the other dread seeing you.

We care.

That’s some food for thought I guess.

Tuco if ya still reading this…

Published on Monday, August 8th, 2011

Where the hell are ya man?

Put a comment in here so we know you still about!

Me and Bee are waiting for ya…


And here comes the other part of the coaster

Published on Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

It’s been low, upsetting and mind-numbing tasteless times.

I have been holding back to believe that my luck is changing; just to keep those hopes alive but not too high.

Everything is so much better now. And I think I’m not even halfway there. This is the high part of the roller coaster of life. And I’m on the part where it is on it’s way up and it just gets so exciting!

I have gotten my clear state of mind back.

And with such a great, cool, awesome team of people at work, it only helped so much more. I gotta say, I have never seen such great team dynamics anywhere. With such great numbers at that. I look forward to work every single day.

They made it so easy to want to get up for work in the morning. And stay there late into the night and leave <Lady Grey> there and take the train home – all smiles. A full team of people running after work regularly every week, who would miss that? It’s run after run with lots of fun and laughter all the way leaving no man (or women) behind haha… I must say I have never enjoyed running this much, or even ever think about running could ever be so fun!

Badminton! Basketball duels and the bets were really jokes! Casual matches! Common enemy (singular)! So much going on in just 2 months. I cannot wait for the next! =D

This is a place to to be watched and envied. And I’m in it! Whooo hoooooo!

Ok I get high just typing it. Ima go cool abit after… this… click!

Sudden thought

Published on Monday, January 24th, 2011

When all seem lost, and when it seems nothing else can be done, then there is only one last thing to do. That is to do whatever is the last choice, but in the most meaningful way. And come what may.

Still alive

Published on Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Yeap im still alive. Posting through my phone. It has been really complicated and eventful. But yup im still alive and kicking.

Now… let’s just say that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Will try harder to update this blog just for those who use this an an avenue to figure out what i have been up to.


The king’s quest

Published on Monday, August 16th, 2010

So Arthur has finally gave me a chance to pay him back.

He did me a huge favour back in Aussie and did it even when he was sick. Did so by asking another friend for a favour. (I guess that makes me owe 2 of them.)

Arthur: *sms* “Could you help me over at the RC? Just play some music for an event.”
Me: *sms* “WTF?! What’s that about?”
(I eventually agreed without much more considerations since I owe him ><. Furthermore, could be fun.)
Arthur: *sms* “I wouldn’t be there.”
Me: *sms* “WTFFFF, ok fine! You owe me a cuppa! No, two! Where would you be then?”
Arthur: *sms* “Malaysia.”
Me: *sms* “WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF?!?! Ok fine!”
*Goes to his home to collect the cds for the event*
Me: “So what do I really do there?”
Arthur: “I don’t know, I have never done it.”
Me: “OMGWTFBBQ What?!” (A lil more ‘friendly’ curses)
*Goes to event on the day*
MC: “Arthur’s mum is not here today.”

Humbly, I think I don’t owe you any more my king.

Quest rewards:
- Mysterious goody bag of stuff suspected to be bread. (~$1.50)
- 2 Cups of expensive coffee with the king. ($8)
- A chance to report to the king “I am afraid all is lost” and quit knighthood when he asked how it went. (priceless)

Simply weird or of another league?

Published on Monday, August 16th, 2010

Freedom of choice, of thoughts, of believes and of everything is one true gift everyone has. It makes me, ultimately, happy knowing what I do, believe and trust is of my own will. Undeterred by societal gibberish.

I know of friends who are of this type. Not blindly submerged into societal views and thinking. They watch, think and do things they way they think they should. Not anything like ‘this is the “in” thing right now, get it!” or be worried about what others (society) might think about them. They are immune to ‘poison’.

These people comes up with the most intriguing aspects of anything at all. They somehow, automatically gain respect from others just simply by portraying this side of them; respected by people who are easily and blindly submerged into ‘societal values’(could one even call it a value?).

Sadly, because of the way the world turns around society, they have a ‘switch’ whereby they, I would say, temporarily comply with society to get what they want and then switch it off. Because they, perhaps subconsciously, know that it is their character that makes them. They just kept it in for a bit. They only show their true self when they find those of that same league or higher. Enjoying the aspects of the world the way it truly should have been.

Simply weird or of another league? Society says weird. I say it is best it stays that way. This league is out of reach.


Published on Monday, August 16th, 2010

I just want to quote this guy at ted.

“You reputation is what you are perceived to be. Your character is what you really are.”

Some people may seem to have good reputation and be perceived to be nice and good. But I learned that it really takes time to figure out their characters. And by far, most seems to have good reputations, but unfortunately, time almost always tell otherwise.

Just because I do not see it, does not mean it is not there

Published on Thursday, August 12th, 2010

I watched a video on with a Malawi talking about how he built a windmill with scraps and and a book.

In my profession, I have all the tools I need, I realise I am incomparable to him. I shall keep this as a reminder to myself. I have the tools and knowledge to make this world, a better place.

Do something meaningful before I die even if it makes the world better by just a little bit. That in itself, is worth dying for.